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Experienced White Plains Criminal Lawyers Fight DUI/DWI Charges

Swift response and decisive action to protect your license

New York takes drunk driving seriously, with stiff penalties for even a first-time violation. Timko & Moses, LLP takes your defense seriously. We treat your arrest as a legal emergency, responding immediately to your call with sound counsel and affirmative steps to challenge the state’s case against you. Our reassuring presence at your side gives you peace of mind while we work to achieve your best possible outcome. Accused drivers who retain our services find us to be:

  • Experienced — We’re seasoned criminal defense lawyers with more than 60 years of combined experience, including criminal prosecution. We’ve managed hundreds of DWI cases, so we know what is necessary to challenge police procedures and forensic evidence.
  • Responsive — From your first phone call until the resolution of your case, we work to address your needs. We provide the legal information and emotional support you need to fully participate in your defense. Our timely, precise court advocacy ensures you have every advantage of due process.
  • Accessible — If you’re arrested at night, and the officer grants you one call to an attorney, the last thing you want to hear is a recording saying to call back in the morning. At Timko & Moses, LLP, we respond to legal emergencies 24 hours a day — every day. When you retain us, you can call your attorney directly for prompt attention whenever necessary. Our criminal lawyers in White Plains also provide bilingual service to our Spanish-speaking clients.

Severe New York State penalties for DWI begin with the first offense

In New York, a driver with blood alcohol content (BAC) greater than 0.08 percent is guilty of DWI. Drivers under 21 years of age face a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, so a BAC of 0.02 or greater results in a “baby” DWI. Drivers with BAC at 0.18 percent or greater face “aggravated DWI” with enhanced penalties. Drivers with a BAC below the standard level for intoxication, who are nevertheless driving erratically, can be charged with driving while ability impaired (DWAI). All drivers on public roads in New York fall under the implied consent law, which means they’re obligated to take a breathalyzer test if an officer requests one, or lose their license. Penalties for a standard DWI in New York include:

  • License suspension/revocation – Court-imposed suspension of 90 days for the first offense, six months for second and 1 year for third offenses. Effective September 25, 2012, drivers with multiple alcohol-related offenses face permanent revocation of their driving privileges.
  • Fine – Maximum $1,000 for a first offense, $5,000 for a second and $10,000 for a third offense
  • Jail time – Up to one year for a first offense, four years for a second offense and seven years for a third offense
  • Alcohol education program – Participation in a program can result in lesser penalties
  • Alcohol counseling – Court can mandate counseling in cases where driver appears alcohol dependent
  • Breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) – Court may order a device installed to prevent the driver from operating the vehicle after consuming alcohol

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