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Looking Into the NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project

Many White Plains bankruptcy lawyers understand the hardship behind your overwhelming debts, harassing creditors and foreclosed mortgages. If this is your situation, it is important to consult with experienced White Plains bankruptcy lawyers regarding your circumstances. You should also inquire whether you qualify for the NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project, a program designed to help low-income New York residents receive the legal services they need in bankruptcy without paying more money.

The NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project provides a helpful and cost-effective consumer bankruptcy service in White Plains, NY. The benefits of this program are designed to help the poorest New York City residents receive free guidance and advice in understanding bankruptcy law and filing a case. This is a program servicing the entire city and surrounding suburbs, including White Plains. How does this program help?

Specifically, the program offers bankruptcy workshops and classes where debtors meet with qualified bankruptcy attorneys to learn more about bankruptcy and determine which type of filing they should pursue. Generally speaking, Chapter 7 petitions are common, plus the program may also assist you in finding pro bono lawyers to handle your bankruptcy case free of charge. Think of it as a large-scale free consultation with a multitude of different lawyers to help you out. You may have quite a few questions to ask, such as:

  • Is bankruptcy right for me?
  • Which bankruptcy filing should I consider? Chapter 7? Chapter 13?
  • What kind of forms do I need?
  • What will the courts need from me?


If you do not qualify for the NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project and you are looking for quality representation in seeking bankruptcy protection, contact Timko & Moses, LLP. We look forward to helping you with your bankruptcy case. Schedule your confidential consultation today.

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