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An Inside Look at White Plains’ Pace Women’s Justice Center

As experienced and dedicated White Plains, NY family law attorneys, we believe it is important to inform our clients about all resources available to families. One such resource is a prestigious school and center dedicated to the legal assistance and service of family law needs to the public. If you’re in need of some help, this center can provide information about your needs regarding family law.

The Pace Women’s Justice Center is located right in the Pace Law School, 78 North Broadway, White Plains, NY, 10603. Founded in 1991 and established by Governor Mario Cuomo, the center was originally dedicated to serving the needs of battered women, oftentimes pro bono (free of charge). It has now become much more.

You might find your White Plains divorce lawyer offering valuable information here along with these services:

  • Quality legal assistance
  • Legal clinics for wills, proxies and Social Security
  • Professional training (law enforcement, healthcare, social services, education)
  • Educational development for law students
  • Volunteer opportunities


Among the many services are unique programs focused on the needs of specific demographics, such as:

  • The Bridge the Gap Program – This program is designed to help survivors of domestic violence by offering dedicated legal representation.
  • The Elder Law Unit – The unit focuses on the abuse and neglect of senior citizens.
  • The Family Court Legal Program – This is the information hub for all issues regarding domestic violence.
  • The Westchester Division – This division handles family law issues in Westchester, such as custody, child support, alimony, divorce, landlord/tenant disputes and consumer rights.

For more information about the center and what options you have under family law, contact us at Timko & Moses, LLP. We can help you with a qualified consultation.

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